5 Lots Breaking News Sacred Heart Q & A

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Description: 5 Lots Breaking News By Henry DeGuevara There are some clues in clearing up this 5 Lots mystery. The developers, WORKS and GTM Holdings, announced plans for each of the 5 parking lots in Lincoln Heights. The two small lots along Workman St, on both sides of N Broadway, are getting Supportive Housing. That's two buildings for those formerly homeless people, with in house services, like mental health counseling and employment assistance. The two lots along Avenue 24, one behind the Bank of America and the other near the T-Mobile store, are set for affordable family housing.The most obvious is the Senior housing next to the Senior Citizens Center, stretching from Workman St to Daly St. There are no plans for market rate apartments. The LH5 team say they are providing all 261 parking spaces and adding more for the new tenants. That's still a big question out there.
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