HAMMER FIST BOXING CLUB - Blue And Gold Boxing Tourney

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Description: Iceman Charles was victorious Friday at Compton’s Youth Activity League Annual Blue And Gold Boxing Tournament and advances to the final round on Sunday. In a real spirited battle both fighters were competitive all the way to the end! Iceman had a great start, pressuring his opponent with stiff jabs and looping overhand rights threatening to go for a knock out minutes before the first round came to an end. The second round was closer, with both fighters landing good punches in the clinch before Iceman pressed the issue in the final seconds of the round to take it. Iceman came back stronger in the third, landing hard punches and working the body when both went into the clinch. Iceman landed a series of good straight jabs that kept his opponent off balance throughout the round and flurried in the final seconds out boxing his opponent for the win.
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